Help reduce sewer overflows into the Mohawk River

Too much clean, clear water is entering the sewer system during significant wet weather events causing overflows into the Mohawk River.

By contaminating the Mohawk River, we are damaging the natural ecosystem and limiting our future generations ability to enjoy the resource that helped develop the Mohawk Valley.

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Reroute: Disconnect your roof leader.

A roof that is 1,000 square feet in size produces more than 600 gallons of storm runoff for every 1 inch of rain. Disconnect your roof leader or downspout to keep this water out of the sewer system!

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Reclaim: Install a rain barrel.

Capture the water that used to drain into the sewer system from your roof leader by using a rain barrel.

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Recharge: Plant a rain garden.

Conserve water and reduce runoff by letting that extra water maintain a beautiful rain garden. Best of all, you won’t have to remember to water it!

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Terms to Know

Inflow and Infiltration (I/I): when clean water from wet weather inappropriately enters our sewer system through improper connections, such as downspouts and sump pumps, or leaks in cracked pipes.

Quick Facts

Each American uses an average of 100 gallons of water a day at home. We can all use 30 percent less water by installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances.

The average household can save about $170 per year on their water and sewer bill by installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances.

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